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Series Director                    7 Days in Hell - 3 x 60min


Series Director                    Unknown Amazon with Pedro Andrade - 6 x 60min


Series Director                    Fierce with Steve Backshall - 6 x 60min

Senior Producer                  The Grand Tour 


Director & Producer             Primal Survivor - Guyana

Director & Producer             Drain the Oceans - Lake Baikal

Director                             Search for USS Lexington 

Director                             Wild Alaska LIVE - Salmon Sharks & Brown Bears

Director  & Producer            Expedition Mungo (Liberia & Namibia) - 2 x 60min 

Director                             Bear Grylls - Running Wild China  - 2 x 70min

Director & Producer              River Monsters - Sea Serpents

Director & Producer              River Monsters - Legend of the Lusca

Director & Producer              Nature Nuts - Julian Clary3 x 60min  


Director & Producer              River Monsters :  Jungle Terminator           


Director & Producer              River Monsters:  Man-eating Monster               


Director & Producer              River Monsters:  Atomic Catfish                 


Director & Producer              River Monsters:  Untold Stories            


Director                              ONE Show                                         


Producer & Director              Deadly 60 Series 2:  UK                            










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