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Sticky Feet Films is owned and opertaed by freelance documentary filmmaker and photographer, Charlie Bingham.


A highly motivated and resourceful zoology graduate with a lifelong love of the natural world, Charlie started his career at the BBC's Ntaural History Unit, cutting his teeth on the Bafta Award winning Deadly 60 strand on which he started his directing and producing career.


Specilising in remote location work, Charlie travels extensively and has ventured to over 60 countries, filming in over a dozen, across four continents. He has made films in many challenging environments from the Namib Desert and the jungles of Uganda to Indonesian volcanoes and numerous trips into the depths of the Amazon.


Above all, Charlie is a storyteller and enjoys exploring ways of articulating ideas about the the ntaural world in innovative and engaging ways. For a list of film credits, please click here.

Charlie Bingham with Matis Tribal Elder - Brazil

   A highly motivated, resourceful series director specialising in adventure, natural history and remote location work, Charlie is known for his creativity and leadership, combined with a superb work ethic, adept at adapting to challenging environments and managing complex logistics. A veteran of over 70 countries, he's filmed across five continents, including some of the most hostile and far-flung locations on the planet - from the Namib Desert and the mountains of Tibet to Chernobyl’s reactor number 4 and the depths of the Amazon.

Charlie is a passionate storyteller with visual flare who loves exploring ways of articulating ideas in creative and engaging ways. He has extensive experience working with both prominent and new on-screen talent and managing crew sizes from 4 to over 100. Cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, paragliders, hot-air balloons, horseback, camelback, scuba diving, in trees and on cliff faces…if you can conceivably get a camera and a presenter there, he's probably shot it.

When not filming, Charlie makes time for his own adventures, whether motorcycling at the ends of the earth or mountaineering from the Alps to the Himalayas. 

For a list of film credits, please click here.

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